Kingsford Apple BBQ Smoking Chips 179 cu. in.


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  • Perfect smokehouse flavor
  • Enhance flavor in fish, pork, beef and vegetables
  • Apple wood creates a strong, bold, enhanced flavor
  • Ideal for barbeque

1 in stock

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Today’s more natural lifestyles embrace fresh, healthful foods and low-calorie cooking. Our wood products are a 100% natural fuel source that contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Our wood eliminates any added calories or fat, but doesn’t compromise an ounce of flavor. Use our natural wood chips to compliment charcoal grilling. Allow your meal to absorb the tantalizing smoke that creates a flavor in the food that will send your taste-buds racing. Barbecue with 100% all natural hardwood and bring the best to your table. The Apple Wood Chips are the best way to achieve a perfect smokehouse applewood flavor.

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