QuickPrime Plus Seam Primer for EPDM Pond Liner 1qt


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  • Designed to clean and prep EPDM liner before applying seam tape or patch.
  • This product has chemical and adhesive qualities that help bond 2 EPDM liners together (use with seam tape).
  • Fish-safe when applied as instructed.
  • Dry time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Apply with QuickScrubber Plus Pad or similar scratch pad

Out of stock


Product Function:

Designed to clean and prime EPDM pond liner, use QuickPrime Plus before application of seam tape or splicing tape. This Primer chemically activates the pond liner geomembrane surface and improves the seam quality adhesion. Can also clean the EPDM pond liner prior to the application of Firestone Splice Adhesive

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