Savio Compact Skimmer w/8.5″ Faceplate


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Designed on Savio’s best-selling Skimmer Filter platform, the Compact Skimmer Filter provides dynamic multi-stage filtration in a smaller package.


*Upgrade with a 15-watt UV clarifier for Savio Compact Skimmer.

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Savio Compact Skimmer Filters can be used as the total filtration solution for ponds up to 700 gallons. This all-in-one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra equipment. Maintenance and installation are simplified.


  • Sturdy non-skid cover guarantees unsurpassed strength.
  • Rugged leaf basket stays secure and won’t collapse.
  • Two filter cartridges provide more surface area for beneficial bacteria.
  • Built-in UV option for unparalleled water clarity.
  • Super-strong injection molded housing won’t warp.
  • Mechanical liner seal, no glue required


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